There has been much debate over Toxic soil being trucked from the Westgate tunnel project to Maddingley Brown Coal.

There has been a lot of noise made about the 460 trucks per day going down the avenue of honour and destroying the 281 elm trees that call the area home.

If this is in fact the proposed route for trucks carrying soil the Western Highway will be majorly affected. 460 more truck movements is sure to add to the already swelling highway around Rockbank.

Then there is the alternate route, Getting off the western Freeway at Rockbank and going down Greigs Rd and on to Exford Road.

Imagine 460 new truck movements traveling on these major but under services roads spilling out toxic soil. New estates in the area as well as a primary school on Exford Rd will all be affected b the trucks should this route be preferred.

An Eynesbury resident who wished to remain anonymous has already suggested there has been an increase in truck activity using the route. With soil from the Southern Cross Station project already being delivered to Maddingley Brown Coal.

“Trucks spill out soil on to the road, the soil ends up on our cars. The cars in Eynesbury are filthy using these roads.” She said.

Time will tell what really happens, the soil fight rages on with Bacchus Marsh residents demanding a more transparent communication. Save Bacchus is demanding that no toxic soil is delivered to Maddingley.

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