There are many theories on the severity of the corona virus, some people called it a conspiracy while others are locking themselves up tighter than Fort Knox.

Regardless where you stand on the pandemic, the virus is currently making its way through Victorian suburbs at a high enough rate that Victoria is being cut off from the rest of Australia.

But how does Melton Local Government Area (LGA) compare to other areas on its border? Lets take a look.

The following numbers are from the DHHS daily media release and are accurate as per the government’s official figures.

Melton LGA has had 76 cases overall, 18 of which are considered active.

Hume leads the way for the state, with a total of 213 cases, 100 of which are active.

Brimbank, also on the Melton border is second in the list with 152 total cases, 49 of which are active.

Wyndham, currently 6th on the Victorian list has had 107 total cases with 45 currently active.

Macedon Ranges 9 total and Moorabool 3 total currently have no active cases.

If you can stay home you should stay home is still the message by health authorities.

One reader shared their story with us “I went to Woodgrove Shopping Centre yesterday, there were people everywhere, no social distancing at all”. 

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